Working in the ATL!

OK Guys and gals once again I’m on the road. Cleveland OH was a bust so I returned to DC for a bit but I’m now in Atlanta, GA working for Delta Airlines and NO I can’t get you reduced tickets! LOL! I’m not even sure if I qualify as of yet as I am once again on contract and not directly employed by Delta. Anyway, I’m in “Hotlanta” hopefully for a really long stay. The weather is good here so I’m walking a lot and I’m back on my diet. I’d love to see 200 lbs by Christmas 2011 and that is my goal amongst others. Well I have school work to do and work work to do so I’ll just end this by saying Thanks to all those in the family who send me prayers. I definitely need all the help I can get so I’ll humbly ask for your continued support and prayers. Family is never far from my mind, heart and prayers, so all of you are never far from my thoughts.

May God bless us one and all and grant that we have the opportunity to see each other once again very soon. Until then may he watch over and protect you. May he grant you the peace of spirit and ofrtitude of will to carry on and overcome. May god give you the strength to stand against all odds and claim in his name what is your desire and dream. For all these blessings and many others we pray.

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Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year to the Arrington Family and all of its beautiful branches. The year of our lord two thousand and eleven is upon us, may we all prosper and have favor in all of our endeavors separately and collectively. We should give pause for all those that have not made it thus far and then immediately turn our attention to future. Political winds have shifted and the economy may not be out of the woods yet. Dont forget those “Old School Family Values” that got us through hard times in the past. Don’t worry about the Jones, be sure to put away for you and yours.

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John Henry Arrington, Jr. would always send his children his personalized Christmas note with this quote “Jesus is the reason for the season.” It was his way of reminding us that Christimas is a time for sharing love — the greatest gift of all. As we come into the Christmas event, release and let go of the stress of gift giving and gift getting. Allow the very love and light of the Christ energy to come into its full measure as we share the gift of love with others. The blessings of the season should remind us of how blessed we are everyday that we get an opportunity to show up in God’s world and be the very love of God that we are. May your Christmas be joyful and joy filled. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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Family at Xmas

To our family near and far, I hope that this time of the year we remind ourselves of our struggles and how much the lord stood with us threw each and every one of them, making us strong in his word.  I of all know it has not been an easy year but I know how blessed I am.  Family I am proud of you all and I wish you a Xmas filled with love and the wealth of Lords words to guide and keep you strong.

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Fall has arrived in the Mid-Atlantic

Hey Family,

Just a quick shout out before the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We hope that our family, wherever they are across the country, will have a safe and happy holiday.  We enjoyed our day in the Patuxent Wetland and thought we would share with the rest of you.

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Once again I’m on the road!

*** Note Quick Update *** Cleveland was a bust! The client pulled my contract after just a few weeks so I came back to MD for a minute to regroup and rethink. It was a real let down but nothing I did so I don’t feel bad. The firm I was working for was so upset with their client they paid me the full rate that they were charging the client to try and make up for it. Oh well such is the life of a contractor but keep your fingers crossed and the prayers flowing for me. Thanks guys.

Ok here it is! I wanted to let the family know I am leaving Maryland on November 1, 2010. I will be moving to Delaware not far from my big brother John H Arrington III later in November as a permanent move but more importantly and just before that I will be heading out on the road to work in Strongsville, Oh which is a suburb of Cleveland at the same time. I was originally headed to Tempe, AZ and the warmer weather would have been more than welcomed but the money in Cleveland was too good to pass up as I really have some things I need to get accomplished in the next year.

Many things in my life have changed dramatically over the last year or so but I think the changes are all for the good. I have a new lady in my life and we are planning our lives together.

Raylyn Douglas hopefully soon to be Raylyn Arrington

I have settled a number of old items that were just hanging on in my life and have started working on me. I have lost almost two hundred pounds, gotten immensely healthier, and just in general I am a better me. See the shots below. The first shot is me almost two years ago and almost two hundred pounds larger for Thanksgiving 2008. The second is me over a year ago and still over a hundred pounds heavier, the third is me during the summer while I was loosing weight at about 360 and the last shot is just a month ago at 300 lbs. since that time I have continued to lose weight and right now I am just under 300 lbs. I”m still no small man but I feel so much better.

Me at over 490 lbs.

420 lbs.

360 lbs

300 lbs.

Well anyways fam, I’m on the way to the Cleveland area and I hope one and all will keep me in their prayers as I once again embark upon a new journey. To the family in the Cleveland area watch out I’m on the way! LOL! Drop me a line at and let’s connect!

Love you all!

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Babies Babies Babies!!! We have Babies!!!

First Announcement

Jagger-Lenox Tatum Lowe @ 6lbs 12oz 17 3/4 inches

Mom: Jalil Elizabeth Lindsey-Lowe

Dad: Bobby D’will Lowe

Congrats to Mom and Dad and Grand Daddy Ray Lindsey Jr.!!!!!!!!!

Second Announcement

Ja’Quan Henry Arrington @ 6lbs 3oz

Mom: Tanesha

Dad: John Henry Arrington IV

Congrats to Mom and Dad and Grand Daddy John Henry Arrington III.

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Family Movies

As technology marches forward everyday I am constantly amazed at where we are today.  I just found some old movie files from my first Sony Digital Camera and it reminded me of the old projector movies vs. the camcorder movies.  Night and Day.  These movies are from 2002 and were recorded in Syria, Virginia.  John Henry Arrington Jr. and his last grand daughter Aniya.  Enjoy

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