In Memory of John Henry Arrington, Jr.

John Henry dining with sons and daughters

It’s been a year since you passed away.
While we miss you, you are still here in some way.
You are in our hearts and that’s forever.

Your smile, your laughter and your jokes,

The times and ways you and your sons spent bonding,

The sweet way you suggested that your daughters had gained weight,
And the clutter only you could create.
All of this is what made you uniquely who you were.

We know the angels surround you and tend to your every need.
We know that you abide in God’s presence now just as you did here,
And we know that all is well with you.

Please know that our love for you continues to remind us of the wonderful father you were and the beautiful spirit that you are.  Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Love you Dad.

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2 Responses to In Memory of John Henry Arrington, Jr.

  1. marrngtn says:

    Zita and Manuel will be at The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to commemorate the passing of our father. We hope to attend the Noon Mass and have some private prayer time.

    We will then have lunch at Col. Brooks Tavern.

    If you are interested in attending please just come on out.

  2. mmchall says:

    That is so special Mony and Z. I know that I am there because you are there. Love and blessings always.


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