SuperBowl Sunday at the Elder Brother’s Place!

Well it was Superbowl Sunday and I took the bus trip up to Delaware to spend the day with my oldest brother John Henry III.  Jeanette and Bugs (the J&J connection) put out a spread worthy of a true “Super Celebration“and the house was done in what else? Steeler Colors of course! It was great having so much family in one place. My two nephews, Roddy and John IV had my great nephews in the house along with their better halves ( and I mean that literally the ladies in their lives are fantastic young ladies and mothers!). They had a full house rounded out by other family and friends. The smack talk flowed and most of us, Ahem! cheered the Steelers on to their victory! LOL! We had a couple of die hard Cardinals fans in the house and an Eagles fan that just wouldn’t quit! Manuel showed up and once again the three sons of John Henry Jr were in one spot. The youngest and the oldest held what can only be described as a “stupervisory” court at one point and I had to smile to see them together. 19 years separate them but they look more and more alike each and every day. In closing again I have to say it was a great day and thanks to Jeanette and of course the eldest son John III for a day of good cheer and fond memories. I’m looking forward to next year and where ever I may be I hope to be invited back because I will come. Thanks to the J & J connection for a blessed day. God bless you and keep you until next year!

GO Steelers and Congratulations on a great Victory!

I must also congratulate the Cardinals for a great season too.

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