Full Election Day 2008 Video Coverage

I thought I would share several videos from Election Day 2008 and some follow on pictures from Wednesday 11/5/08.

Election Tuesday

On Wednesday it took almost three hours to get a copy of the Washington Post.


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  1. Joel says:

    Yes this was truly a remarkable day. I went out to vote at 6:20 am and found a line that looked 6 deep up the street at my polling place. At 10:00 am it wasn’t any better but about 1;45 pm on my way back from the bank and determined to vote I found the line a bit more manageable and took the 45 minutes it took me to vote a bit more appealing. I was overjoyed to see so many blacks in line young and old alike. We even had 4 black ladies in their wheel chairs there ready to cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice! A glorious day for all is what it was and as for the result all I can say is Amen!

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