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ShareTweet I want to share thanks to all the family and friends that have been support thru the last 5 months. Without you where would I Or my Family be without your love and support. Thank you from the bottom … Continue reading

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Blessings Upon Family

ShareTweet Blessings upon you my family where ever you are and in what ever you do this holiday weekend. A candle has been lit to symbolize the names and prayers for our circle. Be safe, love you all. Manuel Arrington … Continue reading

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Summer 2008 Camp Closing

ShareTweet Aniya Arrington celebrated the end of summer camp with an exciting program. She and her fellow campers demonstrated their abilities to: disassemble and reassemble computers Sing Dance Be Great Campers She had her Mom, Dad, Nana Arrington and Pop … Continue reading

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Michele Hall Loving Her Grand Dad

ShareTweet Michele came to WHC last night to spend some quality time with her Grand Father John Henry Arrington Jr. Michele added a sparkle to his eyes and smile to his face. Share on Facebook

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Continued Prayers For John Henry Jr.

ShareTweet The family ask that you continue to keep John Henry Jr. in your prayers. We have crossed the four month mark for his hospitalization. On Saturday 8/9 my father took my bible and read a few pages from Genesis … Continue reading

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Prayers for Healing for Our Family

ShareTweet We continue to pray for the needs of our family. Share on Facebook

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Today this was for you

ShareTweet For all those things you and your family are in need of today. Share on Facebook

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Watching Shark Week

ShareTweet Dad and I are enjoying Shark Week on Discovery. Share on Facebook

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