4th of July 2008 in California

First, giving honor to God for another day and thanking Him for his abundant grace, mercy, and blessings. We thank Him for all of our elders who are growing in their winter years, namely John Henry Arrington, Jr., 85 years old, who is currently recovering in the hospital. We also thank God and pray for the brave troops who have served and who are still serving in the military as we celebrate this country’s Independence Day of 2008.

Friday, July 4, 2008 was a beautiful, fun-filled day spent with family and friends. Each year, Louis and I throw a 4th of July potluck. One of the perks of living near the infamous Rose Bowl located in Pasadena, California is the opportunity to see the annual fireworks show for free!

Evites were sent out to all family and friends to bring kids, bathing suits, lawn chairs, and blankets to help celebrate the 232nd birthday of our country. Ray Lindsey, Jr. made his famous barbeque and guests bought their family favorite side dishes. After everyone ate, played games, swam, and danced, we sat it in the front yard, caught the sunset, and then watched the fireworks show. The spectacular fireworks show started at 9 pm. After the fireworks show, the party continued as the kids went back to the pool area to swim, adults did some more talking and laughing, and Louis cut everyone nice chunks of watermelon.

Notable guests include Barbara Lindsey; Adora & Chris Roberson; Ray & Janice Lindsey; Louis, Ayesha, & Sweet Pea Randall; and Monique McIntyre.

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  1. marrngtn says:

    Hey Ayesha,

    You know we are waiting with hunger pains for pictures of Ray’s BBQ.

    Thanks for sharing cousin, Love yah much….

  2. I tried to upload a picture and a short video, but it hasn’t posted yet. Can you help me?

  3. marrngtn says:

    Hey Ayesha,

    I found the pics and posted them.

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