Pop in the Hospital!

John Henry Jr & John Henry III

For those of you who don’t know John Henry Arrington Jr., my Pop, has been in the hospital for over two months now. He has made remarkable progress in his recovery moving from the ICU to Intermediate care, to the general ward. We even saw him leave the formal hospital facility for a few days but the pneumonia he was suffering from and the Staph infection came back and we had to move him back to Washington Hospital Center. We ask for your prayers and any expressions of your concern be sent to us here or that you contact Manuel Arrington for a physical address to send things to. Cards, balloons or other such items are welcome but flowers are not because of his respiratory problems. Here are some pics of Pop, John Henry Jr, and his immediate family visiting him in the Hospital. He got surprised by his daughter-in-law Jeanette, who has also been ill, coming to see him and in general was just in good spirits that day. We also have Andriana, Zita’s daughter who came to see her Pop Pop! Among the other visitors he’s had have been his cousin Treasure Arrington and Jean, John Roosevelt Arrington (Chuck is John the thirds oldest son) and of course Michelle, Marvelle’s daughter has been a constant visitor. His five children (Zita, Marvelle, Manuel, Joel and John H III have spent time sitting with him and watching over him almost daily. We want to especially thank Marvelle, Zita and Mony for giving so much of their time and although we know it is done out of love we are still grateful and thankful they are able to spend so much time with Pop. Well we will keep you updated on his recovery and as John Henry celebrated his 85th in February we ask that all your prayers include that we’d love for him to see many more birthdays.

Thank you!

Joel M. Arrington – The “Middle” son

Pop last week ater we cleaned him up!Old man looking Good!

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    Great Pictures….Make sure they get saved to Gallery.

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