Memorial Service for William Lucian Carter

The memorial service for William Lucian Carter was held on Thursday January 17, 2008 in Madison County Virginia. Despite the blistering cold weather and snow fall, there was a strong showing of family and friends. Family from Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Washington DC, Georgia and California came to pay there respects.
The service had a very impromptu and casual feel as William wanted. The majority of the service was taken up by comments, stories and kind words from those in attendance about their favorite memories of William Lucian Carter. It was mentioned how not too many knew his middle name was Lucian. The stories of William did seem to have one central theme and that was his driving. I never rode in a car with William but those that had, had a story to tell.

William Lucian Carter Memorial Collage

I didn’t get a lot of great shots but I know others were taking pictures so if they would send them I know all would be appreciative.

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