Family Finance Minute for May 6, 2006

How is everyone dealing with the soaring prices of gas??  Yeah I thought so..

GAS Prices

Make sure you visit
Find the cheapest prices for gas in your area.  Don't
reward retailers who are charging you the highest prices.

Also here are some quick tips:
    Unload unnecessary weight from your vehicle (Tools, Books, etc.)
    Gas your vehicle between 5AM and 6AM in the morning.  This is when the
    gas is the coolest and most dense.  Gas is sold by volume.
    Use Cruise Control on the Highway.
    Don't exceed 65 MPH(WHERE POSTED), your gas mileage drops off 
    significantly above 65 MPH
    Fresh Air, You and your care need fresh air.  Change your air filter
    Tire Pressure,  get a good digital tire pressure gage and keep your
    properly inflated.

I Series Bonds

The interest rate for I Bonds have been reset.  They are paying a very low yield after they are adjusted for inflation.  The current advice that I'm hearing is that for I Bonds purchased before 1999 is to hold and do nothing.  They will continue to earn a good rate of return.  For I Bonds purchased in the last few years is hold for another 6 months.  In November of this year another rate will be announced.  If there is no progress decide what to do at that time.  Caution, if you cash them in prematurely you will loose the last 90 days of interest.

Precious Metal

For those of you still thinking about precious metals I would like to share some information.  I just recently completed a transaction with APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange).  The transaction went very well and I am pleased with the service.  APMEX can be found at  

Also I found a great site with interesting discussions about PM.
The site is


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